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In a quick overview, Foxmula is an ed-tech company, with headquarters in Bangalore, providing Training, Certifications & Internships for the most in-demand domains like data Science, Machine Learning, Asset Management etc. Both Online & Offline. All our programs are industry-oriented, keeping beginners and intermediates in mind. Everything starts from scratch. Joining us is like joining a community, where you can network, interact, discuss and make friends with people of the same interest. Also, with our premium training programs, we provide placement opportunities.

We’re a vibrant, diverse, and big-hearted motivated community. We’re not just engineers, designers, marketers, and managers – we're also DJs, triathletes, published scholars, parents, pet owners, artists, adventurers, and more. With Foxmula we aim to make a community where users feel at home, safe, satisfied and happy. Growing depression, learning breakdowns, lesser industry exposures among students that we see today should never have been the side outcomes of the learning and education process. We believe things can be changed for the better good, be it for students, graduates, professionals, and even corporations if learning, education, and workforce are perceived and approached a little differently.

On average it takes 2-3 months to complete the whole process of Training, Certification, and Internship. By self-paced, we mean, access of 6 months is provided for the learning portal to complete the whole program, with no fixed exam dates or internship project submission date. Everything is based on learner's feasibility to learn, revise, book exam date, submit the project in a maximum of 6 months period.

Yes, we do. Also, we are spreading our offline presence, adding new centers in different locations.

In an offline program, you undergo offline training, also you are given with the complete access to the services of an online program. Though deliverables (outcomes) of skills, certifications, assistance and Internship completion letters are the same.

In an offline program, you undergo offline training, also you are given with the complete access to the services of an online program. Though deliverables (outcomes) of skills, certifications, assistance and Internship completion letters are the same.

Yes, you can, all certification comes with a verification ID. To know more, you can simply search for Foxmula on LinkedIn and see the profiles of thousands of students for how they have added all recognition from us to their profile.


No. Videos are not downloadable. To ensure no procrastination and smooth learning, access to everything is given for 6 months. Now, for dedicated learners, it's pretty clear that they need to learn new things, properly, and grow. Time is precious, it's worthless to stay stuck at one concept, and keep revising. Yes, there are downloadable contents/notes, based on the courses.

Our trainers are industry professionals and working corporates with years of experience in the domain, matching the standards of Foxmula. Live sessions and recorded live sessions are provided following the industry-oriented training curriculum and process, focusing on theoretical concepts only as much as required.

We believe in re-skilling. We keep updating our contents regularly, be it adding new concepts to completely changing the whole course content to show implementations of better technologies. For example, Web Development earlies used to be all about HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. But when the tech. node js & react js rose like a phoenix, we took no time delivering Industry-Oriented training for it, adding it to the curriculum.

You're given with a link in your Course Dashboard to join our 24/7 communication platform, adding you to the group of joined alumni, and ongoing learners registered for the same program. Also, the trainer is there in that group. You can interact with each other, ask queries, discuss, schedule calls, make friends and network. Also, you can mail the issues to the provided trainer's email address.


MSME Certification is recognition from Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, by Government of India. It's mostly beneficial for trainers, professors, and teachers for profile building. It comes with an additional 2,000 INR and takes 3-4 months post-training.

No. Being Microsoft AEP, we provide Microsoft Certifications for the Microsoft Certified courses or their inclusion in any other program

Microsoft provides its certifications in particular domains only. At Foxmula, we focus on building a Job ready profile for you, along with Skills. For that, having global recognition in your profile gives a boost and help stand out. Besides the certifications that you receive for the domain from Microsoft, has always an inclusion in the topic and is related to your training majorly.

Yes, they are included. Foxmula certification is included for all the available programs. Following is a list of programs with Microsoft Certification included in it as well. Please check out respective course pages for more details:

  • Introduction to python
  • Machine learning using python
  • Web development using node.js
  • Advanced Web development using react.js
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Cloud Computing
  • Deep learning Career Pathway
  • Web Development Career Pathway

Yes. Small basic objective MCQ type online exam is conducted for every certificate included in the program. Mock papers are provided.

No, you won't. Don't worry, exams are pretty easy, objective and based on your training. Yet, there are retest options, for scenarios of failing or failing to appear for the exam. For Foxmula certification exam there is no retest, but for other global certifications respective MNCs have extra retest fees (Ranging from 1,000-1,500 INR)

No. Different exam slots are there, you can schedule yours as per your feasibility or when you feel ready to take the exam.

Exam(s) will be online. On the scheduled exam date, you'll be mailed with the exam portal link along with your credentials to use it. You'll have to apper for the exam(s) on that day itself. Don't worry, exams are small. For example, Microsoft Certification exam is for 40 mins with 32 questions and Foxmula exam is for 25 mins with 20 questions.


The internship is under Foxmula and it's network/sister-concern companies like Inversion Consultancy (under the partner network of Microsft, SAP, AWS, IBM, and more)

The internship is Industrial. You're given with options of industrial projects, to choose one from, all requiring your freshly earned skills. You're supposed to work on it and submit when done on our Laboratory (instructions for which will be provided). Doing that industrial project is the Internship for which you receive an Internship Completion letter with details and recommendations.

The project that you work on are not demo projects, but they are small parts, related to your training, of the big industrial projects under production level development in our network/sister-concerned companies. That's how you get an industrial exposure, working on live projects via our crowdsourcing model.

Yes, you need to submit the project. Projects are small and can take a maximum up to 4-6 hours to complete, but giving you the widest possible practical implementation experience of your training. Most importantly, the whole idea is to provide exposure. We don't strictly expect 100% bug-free or deployable work from you. You're supposed to take a try, exploring, implementing what needs to be implemented, and learning what needs to be learned to finish it efficiently up to the maximum.

Yes. The internship is industrial, and the completion letter that you receive is for 45-60 days period. Thousands of candidates from across the country and esteemed institutions have done Internship with us and got it acknowledged from there institutes. In fact, many institutions hold our programs and activities in their campus itself via college clubs like in UPES Dehradun, Foxmula Student Chapter (an official club) in Chandigarh university and more.

No, we don't have any specific requirements as such. But yes, if you need to inform your University in prior with some kind of documentation (as per their rules), feel free to approach us and we will send you an Invitation letter to join us as an Inter which you can then present to your University.