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Industrial Revolution 4.0 is upon us. There are new career opportunities available due to the rapid growth in various technologies while the existing jobs are facing sizable layoffs. Education is and will remain critical for promoting economic growth and providing opportunities for all but only if approached differently. Foxmula brings to you an evolving ecosystem to combat the ever-shifting job market. From building your profile to getting you your dream job; we do it all. With a vibrant community of 10,000+ people as a support network, our impeccable trainers and certifications, our aim is to make your journey to your desired career enjoyable and carefree as it ought to be.

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Profile building programs

  • Stand out with training, global recognition (MNC/University) and internship
  • Available for 12+ cutting edge technical and business domains

Guaranteed job program

  • For graduates and students in their final year of higher education
  • Placement first, payment later

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We believe that a collective can inflict the change which can seem far-fetched. Directionless. Unreasonable. Hopeless. Together, we can be that hope.

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