Security Fundamentals


Data network security is more critical than ever before. The Microsoft Technology Associate course will ascertain the popular network attacks along with the tools, techniques, as well as the policies that can assist to mitigate the possibility of networks and data breaches. The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a recommended course if you want to get IT certification. So, we at Foxmula present you with an opportunity to pass just one exam to earn a certification.

During the course, our security fundamentals course experts will show you a proper example along with the explanation of a person in the middle of an attack for password sniffing. Also, during the course, you will be given knowledge about different types of attacks that are used for bringing down the networks or for stealing data from the networks.

Expectations of the Course

At Foxmula, we always make sure to start from the beginning and discuss about the Security Layers, as well as the RADIUS Server. You will also learn to manage users and their passwords in Windows Server as well as Network Access Protection.

What you'll learn during the Course

  • IT Security Concepts
  • Learn Wireless security
  • Knowledge about on-line threats
  • Learn about the permissions, passwords as well as security policies
  • Learn to fight malware
  • Knowledge about Physical Security
  • Discovering the Windows 7 and 8 security solutions
  • Learn to set-up a real access points
  • Discover how to protect your Server
  • Learn to safeguard your identity on the web
  • Knowledge about firewalls as well as network security

Who this course is for -
  • Anyone who has an interest in Network security
  • Students who are preparing for the MTA exam

Key Features of the Course
  • Course comprises of training on advanced data security standards
  • This course is based on the Microsoft Professional Program in Cybersecurity
  • Foxmula certificate of excellence on completion of the course
  • Discussions to test the knowledge of the learners
  • Advanced course training from experts having profound experience

  • Training

    1 month Training, 6 months access, Industry-Oriented, Self-Paced.

  • Certification

    Small & basic Objective MCQ type online exams. Microsoft Technology Associate & Foxmula Certification.

  • Internship

    45 days Internship Completion letter post project submission on our GitLab. Projects are Industrial, Small and based on your training.

How It Works


  • Core Security Principles
  • Social Engineering
  • Man-In-The-Middle Attacks
  • Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
  • Overview of Internet Security
  • User Authentication
  • NTFS Permissions
  • Shares And Permissions In Action
  • Password Policies
  • Audit Policies
  • Create a VM from the Azure portal by using an Azure Marketplace image
  • Verify the functionality of the VM
  • Network Access Protection
  • A real world example of VLANs and DMZ
  • Why Do We Need A Firewall?
  • Malware And What You Can Do About It
  • Introduction to IPSec
  • Names Resolution & DNS concepts
  • How to use Wireshark to capture network traffic
  • Client Protection