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  • Artificial Intelligence

  • 14 Lessons

Machine Learning with Python

INR 5500 + GST

The Machine Learning Course that dives deeper into the basic knowledge of the technology using one of the most popular and well-known language, i.e. Python. During this course, students will be taught about the significance of the Machine Learning and its applicability in the real world. Secondly, the machine learning online course will give you a proper overview about Machine Learning topics such as its algorithms, model evaluation as well as supervised vs unsupervised learning.

During the Machine Learning with Python course, you'll learn about the following -

  • Become expert at Machine Learning on Python & R
  • Supervised vs Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Setting up a Python development environment in a correct manner
  • Develop new features for improving algorithm predictions
  • Handling advanced techniques such as Dimensionality Reduction
  • How Machine Learning is associated with Statistical Modelling, and how to compare
  • both of them.
  • The diverse ways through which machine learning is useful to society

Who is the right candidate for the course?
  • Anyone who is keen to learn machine learning algorithm using Python
  • Any person who wants to learn about practical application of machine learning to solve real world problems
  • Individuals with basic knowledge of Machine Learning who want to develop their understanding of the machine learning algorithms
  • Intermediate EXCEL users not able to work with large datasets
  • Anyone looking to start a career as a data scientist
  • Individuals who want to utilize and apply the technology of Machine learning to their domain

Key Features of the Course
  • Training from industry experts into advanced Machine Learning techniques
  • Foxmula Certificate in Machine Learning to prove your skills and competency
  • During training you will get to work on real-world projects to add to your portfolio
  • The Course covers Machine Learning Topics comprehensively
  • Query resolution through online sessions on regular basis

  • Key Features
  • Curriculum
  • Certification
  • A mandatory session on Git and GitHub + GitLab
  • Student assignments and project submission on our GitLab server
  • Foxmula Associate Degree offered
  • Query Resolution and Networking using Discord
  • Total 7 Mock Papers for Placements
  • 35-45 hrs of instructor-led training.
  • One Session for CV Building and Job Interview Preparation
  • 24-hours of self paced video.
  • 2 real-life industry projects in retail, insurance, finance, airlines and other domains.
  • MTA 98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python
    • Perform data operations using Data Types and Operators
    • Control Flow with Decision and Loops
    • Perform Input and Output Operations
    • Document and Structure Code
    • Perform Troubleshooting and Error Handling
    • Perform Operations using Modules and Tools
  • Foxmula: Intro to Machine Learning Using Python
    • Data Preprocessing: Missing Data, Categorical Data & Feature Scaling
    • Regression I: Linear Regression, Multiple Regression, Polynomial Regression
    • Regression II: Logistic Regression, K-Nearest Neighbors
    • Support Vector Machines (SVM) & Kernel SVM
    • Clustering: K-Means and Hierarchial
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • Intro to Neural Networks: Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
    • Enterprise Application of Machine Learning
  • Training & Internship
    • How much time dedicated for the training?

      Ans: There will be 35-45 hrs Training for the student.
    • How this is a project based Internship?

      There will be one minor and one major project. & on the basis of the project submission student will receive his/her Internship Certificate.
    • How do I unlock my MTA and Foxmula certificates?

      After passing the criteria, there will be two exams after the completion of training one will be MTA(Microsoft Technology Associate) Certification Exam and second one will be on Hackerrank by Foxmula simultaneously.
  • About Certificates and Letter
    • Who will provide the certificates?

      Candidate gets a Microsoft Technology Associate Certificate, signed by CEO Microsoft, Mr.Satya Nadella for Introduction to Programming with Python, on clearing the certification exam & the candidate gets a certificate from FOXMULA | Inversion Consultancy LLP for Machine Learning with Python ,on clearing the certification exam by Inversion.
    • How do I know that MTA certificate is valid or not?

      You can check the code 98-381 which is for Introduction to Programming with Python
    • What does MSME stand for?

      MSME stands for Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.
    • For what will I be certified by MSME?

      Same as Course title on your Foxmula Certificate
    • How MSME will be helpful?

      Government Certification, it also add heavy weight to your profile as it is recognized at all national and international levels.
    • Will any of the certificates will expire?

      No, Both certificates are valid lifelong.
    • What does MSME stands for?

      No, Both certificates are valid lifelong.
    • Will any of the certificates will expire?

      No, Both certificates are valid lifelong.
    • Will any of the certificates will expire?

      No, Both certificates are valid lifelong.
    • How will I get an Internship?

      On successful submission of the project, candidate gets an Internship letter from MAEP.
    • What will be the duration of the Internship?

      The duration will be of 45 days.