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  • Game Development

  • 5 Modules

Introduction to Game Development using Unity

INR 7000 + GST

Game development is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences. So, make the process easier, we at Foxmula have come up with an advanced game course, i.e. game development using Unity. Game developers today has so much to gain from Unity, all they need to do is harness its features to their best advantage. With our course, we will teach you about the essential tools as well as the skills that you can use to create amazing games in Unity.
This course by us is one of the best and fastest ways to get into designing the games. During the course, we make use of Unity engine, as it is free and powerful at the same time. You will learn about how to download as well as install Unity into your system. Further, the experts of the course will make you familiar about the user interface.
The Course Content:
Once you get familiar about the user interface, you will then be trained to go over the building levels by simply adding objects in 3D in all shapes such as cylinders, spheres and cubes. Following this, during the online game development course, you will be taught about the different lighting effects and camera angles to give the game a fantastic and realistic appeal. Lastly, you will be given training on Physics and the tools that you need to implement in the game to make it behave like the real world.
What you will learn during the Course

  • You will learn the Unity Interface
  • Learn the AI Pathfinding
  • Gameplay Programming Workflows
  • Unity Animation Workflows
  • Unity Physics Simulations
  • Learn the Material Creation Workflows
  • Lighting and Light Baking Techniques
  • Learn about the Audio
  • C# Scripting in Unity
  • Learn to create the User Interface Elements
    • Key Features
    • Curriculum
    • Certification
    • A mandatory session on Git and GitHub + GitLab
    • Student assignments and project submission on our GitLab server
    • Query Resolution and Networking using Discord
    • Total 7 Mock Papers for Placements
    • 35-45 hrs of instructor-led training.
    • One Session for CV Building and Job Interview Preparation
    • 24-hours of self paced video.
    • 2 real-life industry projects in retail, insurance, finance, airlines and other domains.
    • Introduction to Game Development using Unity3D
      • Introduction to C# and Unity
      • Creating Elements & using Sounds
      • Using all types of user inputs
      • Create 3D models with Blender
      • Make a game using all of the covered modules
    • Training & Internship
      • How much time dedicated for the training?

        Ans: There will be 35-45 hrs Training for the student.
      • How this is a project based Internship?

        There will be one minor and one major project. & on the basis of the project submission student will receive his/her Internship Certificate.
      • How do I unlock my Foxmula certificate?

        After passing the criteria, there will be two exams after the completion of training one will be MTA(Microsoft Technology Associate) Certification Exam and second one will be on Hackerrank by Foxmula simultaneously.
    • About Certificates and Letter
      • Who will provide the certificates?

        The candidate gets a certificate from FOXMULA | Inversion Consultancy LLP for Advanced Web Development using ReactJS ,on clearing the certification exam by Inversion.
      • What does MSME stand for?

        MSME stands for Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.
      • For what will I be certified by MSME?

        Same as Course title on your Foxmula Certificate
      • How MSME will be helpful?

        Government Certification, it also add heavy weight to your profile as it is recognized at all national and international levels.
      • Will any of the certificates will expire?

        No, Both certificates are valid lifelong.
      • How will I get an Internship?

        On successful submission of the project, candidate gets an Internship letter from MAEP.
      • What will be the duration of the Internship?

        The duration will be of 45 days.