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  • Cloud Computing

  • 32 Lessons

  • 200 Seats in offline for each center

Azure Cloud Computing

INR 5500 + GST

The Cloud Fundamentals using Microsoft Azure course from Foxmula will introduce you to a whole new world of cloud computing. With our highly advanced course, you will be able to learn building apps on the Windows Azure platform. Our expert teachers will cover the whole Windows Azure compute as well as storage Azure along with SQL Azure.
Moreover, during the course, you will be given information about cloud computing tradeoffs which will enable you to grasp the challenges and limitations enforced by the cloud computing models that are made available by Windows Azure Platform today.
Develop knowledge about the principles of cloud computing and learn how these principles have been incorporated in Microsoft Azure. During the course, you will be able to learn how to create majority of the Azure services, such as Web Apps, SQL Database, Azure virtual machines (VMs) as well as features of Azure Active Directory.
Further, getting a Microsoft Azure certification from Foxmula will help you distinguish yourself from others and enhance your knowledge and skills. After the online course on cloud fundamentals course, you will be able to dispense your expertise in Microsoft cloud technologies and give your career a solid boost.
Upon Completion of the Course, you will be able to accomplish following: -

  • You will be able to describe as well as develop Azure Web Apps.
  • Learn to Create as well as configure VMs in Microsoft Azure.
  • Learn to develop an Azure virtual network.
  • Be able to describe Azure storage.
  • Describe Azure AD
  • Describe and deploy databases in Azure.

Course Prerequisites:
  • You should have basic understanding of Websites.
  • You should have basic knowledge of Active Directory concepts such as Domains, Users, and Domain Controllers.
  • Having basic understanding of database concepts including tables and simple queries I important.

  • Key Features
  • Curriculum
  • Certification
  • A mandatory session on Git and GitHub + GitLab
  • Student assignments and project submission on our GitLab server
  • Foxmula Associate Degree offered
  • Query Resolution and Networking using Discord
  • Total 7 Mock Papers for Placements
  • 35-45 hrs of instructor-led training.
  • One Session for CV Building and Job Interview Preparation
  • 24-hours of self paced video.
  • 2 real-life industry projects in retail, insurance, finance, airlines and other domains.
  • Module 1: Getting started with Microsoft Azure
    • Lesson 1.What is cloud computing?
    • Lesson 2.What is Azure?
    • Lesson 3.Managing Azure
    • Lesson 4.Subscription management, support, and billing
  • Module 2: Microsoft Azure management tools
    • Lesson 1.What is Azure PowerShell?
    • Lesson 2.Azure SDK and Azure CLI
    • Lesson 3.Using the Azure PowerShell modules
    • Lesson 4.Using the Azure CLI
  • Module 3: Virtual machines in Microsoft Azure
    • Lesson 1.Creating and configuring VMs
    • Lesson 2.Configuring disks
    • Lesson 3.Create a VM from the Azure portal by using an Azure Marketplace image
    • Lesson 4.Verify the functionality of the VM
  • Module 4: Web Apps and cloud services
    • Lesson 1.Creating and configuring web apps
    • Lesson 2.Deploying and monitoring web apps
    • Lesson 3.Creating and deploying PaaS cloud services
    • Lesson 4.Creating and configuring a WordPress web app
  • Module 5: Creating and configuring virtual networks
    • Lesson 1.Getting started with virtual networks
    • Lesson 2.Configuring Azure networking
    • Lesson 3.Getting started with Azure Load Balancer
    • Lesson 4.Creating virtual networks
  • Module 6: Cloud storage
    • Lesson 1.Understanding cloud storage
    • Lesson 2.Create and manage storage
    • Lesson 3.Create an Azure Storage account
    • Lesson 4.Create and manage blobs
  • Module 7: Creating and managing Azure AD
    • Lesson 1.Overview of Azure AD
    • Lesson 2.Manage Azure AD authentication
    • Lesson 3.Create users in Azure AD
    • Lesson 4.Create a new Azure AD tenant and a custom DNS domain
  • Training & Internship
    • How much time dedicated for the training?

      Ans: There will be 35-45 hrs Training for the student.
    • How this is a project based Internship?

      There will be one minor and one major project. & on the basis of the project submission student will receive his/her Internship Certificate.
    • How do I unlock my MTA and Foxmula certificates?

      After passing the criteria, there will be two exams after the completion of training one will be MTA(Microsoft Technology Associate) Certification Exam and second one will be on Hackerrank by Foxmula simultaneously.
  • About Certificates and Letter
    • Who will provide the certificates?

      Candidate gets a Microsoft Technology Associate Certificate, signed by CEO Microsoft, Mr.Satya Nadella for Cloud Fundamentals, on clearing the certification exam & the candidate gets a certificate from FOXMULA | Inversion Consultancy LLP for Cloud Architect(Microsoft Azure) ,on clearing the certification exam by Inversion.
    • How do I know that MTA certificate is valid or not?

      You can check the code 98-369 which is for Cloud Fundamentals.
    • What does MSME stand for?

      MSME stands for Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.
    • For what will I be certified by MSME?

      Same as Course title on your Foxmula Certificate
    • How MSME will be helpful?

      Government Certification, it also add heavy weight to your profile as it is recognized at all national and international levels.
    • Will any of the certificates will expire?

      No, Both certificates are valid lifelong.
    • How will I get an Internship?

      On successful submission of the project, candidate gets an Internship letter from MAEP.
    • What will be the duration of the Internship?

      The duration will be of 45 days.